I AM dreading the closure of Watkinson Way from The Hive leisure centre in Widnes to the Silver Jubilee bridge on Sunday.

I know they have to shut roads to prepare for the new bridge but this is going to cause tremendous delays.

It will be an absolute nightmare for people living in West Bank as they will be caught up in all the traffic queuing to get through Hutchinson Street for the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

This major route is closing forever so we face at least six months of chaos and queues.

The amount of traffic using this road is enormous.

There are often tailbacks now and that is before the closure.

You have got people travelling to and from work as well as shoppers and families going to school.

Mersey Gateway officials say it will add time to drivers’ journeys in the area. This is the biggest understatement of all time.

Watkinson Way is also a major arterial route used by drivers to travel through Widnes and get to the shops and The Hive Leisure Park.

The knock-on effect is likely to gridlock the town centre.

I am sure many businesses and shops are also worried about the consequences of these traffic delays.

James Roberts