WRAP me in cotton wool, that's not what I need from you.

I want you all to realise that I'm still a person, just like you.'

These are the poignant lyrics of a song called We Are People Too, written by 24-year-old Leah Jones, of Runcorn, who has Down's Syndrome.

She was asked to describe what it was like living with learning disabilities.

Her CD goes on sale on Sunday, July 8, at Disability Awareness Day in Walton Gardens, Warrington.

"I just wrote about my experiences, how we live life and how people respond to us," said Leah, who works for Halton Speakout, a self advocacy group.

"I'm privileged to work with this group, they're a terrific bunch of people.

"It's really great my song's been recorded. My father has played it 25 times!"

Leah dreams of becoming a songwriter.

Sue Jones, Halton Speakout mentor and Leah's mum, said: "We are very proud of Leah and her song and want it to get the recognition it deserves.

"The song has such a powerful message. It's a song about living and coping with a learning disability by someone who knows.

"Leah taps into her world effortlessly and her song will undoubtedly affect anybody who hears it.

"The music to the song is haunting and stays in your memory."

Listen to Leah's song by clicking here

Click here to hear Leah reading her lyrics


Sometimes people look at me, they have no clue at all It makes me think that maybe I should never have been born Why do I feel this way when people stop and stare I'm glad I have my family near me, at least I know they care Some people call us special but they don't mean those words at all Ignore the things we tell them till we have no rights at all How do we make them listen, to hear our point of view And finally realise that we, we are people too cos Chorus: We are the same as you, we are different, but we are people too We deserve to have a voice, yes we do, just like you We want our voices heard, to be treated just the same as you Just because we are different, don't forget That we are people too