THE Government has reneged on George Osborne’s promise for a ‘special scheme’ to help small business in Halton with tolls.

Transport Minister Chris Grayling has told Halton MP Derek Twigg that they will not provide special help due to ‘state aid implications.

Mr Twigg said “It beggars believe that George Osborne did not know what the situation was in respect of state aid rules when he made the announcement during a visit to the Mersey Gateway on April 23, 2015, in the middle of the General Election campaign.

“He said there would be a ‘special scheme’ for small businesses in Halton.

“It’s clear that coming on the back of Tuesday’s announcement to scrap plans to extend the local user discount scheme to Warrington and Cheshire West and Chester that this was nothing more than election ploy.

“It’s a scandalous decision by this Tory Government to backtrack on its promises.

“I have been pursuing this issue for months with Ministers and have no doubt that if there was a similar situation in London or the south east the Government would find a way to deal with ‘state aid implications’.

“Given that we are leaving the EU this excuse for not doing anything does not stand up to scrutiny.

“I have raised the issue in Parliament today asking for the Transport Minister to come to the house to answer for these terrible decisions.”