IT got everybody talking when it was announced the Ditton flyover was going to be permanently closed to make way for the Mersey Gateway. 

Hundreds of readers shared the news as motorists feared long delays and even bigger tailbacks. 

Our photographers have been out to film the diversion and found work has quickly progressed bulldozing the former route which used to link the Runcorn and Widnes bridge to Speke Road.

Since Easter Monday, traffic travelling along the A533 Queensway in both directions has been diverted through Ditton roundabout until the new crossing opens in autumn 2017.

How have you found the diversion during rush hour?

Click play above to watch the video and let us know below. 

(And before you ask, we have just increased the speed of the video to give you a quick glimpse of the new diversion and work on the bridge rather than anyone breaking the speed limit and this wasn't filmed during rush hour.)