INTRIGUING details about two human skeletons found at Halton Castle have been revealed.

The remains of a man and woman had been buried in a wall 400 years ago.

They were discovered during a community dig in July.

Lynn Smith, senior keeper at Norton Priory gave an update to around 50 people at St Mary’s Church library.

She revealed that the man had 'suffered greatly in his life' due to broken bones in both of his legs, which caused arthritis and bone infection.

Liverpool John Moores University postgraduates Carla Burrell and Eleanor Dove made the grim discovery during detailed analysis of the skeletal remains.

Sarah Cattell from Salford University, lead archaeologist on the dig, outlined many other fascinating finds.

including a medieval jeton, similar to a coin, that may have come from Germany.

Claire Broadhurst, Norton Priory activity planner, said: “The confirmed dates of the skeletons will hopefully be obtained sometime over the next few months at which time we will know a new, rather important bit of information about the Halton Castle skeletons.”