A MUSICIAN from Widnes has launched his new single at the world famous Cavern Club and will perform it in the Big Apple next week.

Marc Kenny was inspired to write ‘What’s It Like in Liverpool’ whilst on tour in China.

His single and music video will now be used by Visit Britain to promote the city all over the world.

He will be performing it at a gig in New York as America celebrates Thanksgiving Day.

Marc, formerly from Victoria Grove, said: “I’m amazed. It is almost a blur. It is all happening so quickly.”

He found himself thinking about his loved ones as he travelled across Asia, performing 83 gigs in 94 days.

Former Wade Deacon pupil Marc said: “I wrote the song for my girlfriend. I was missing home.”

He has dedicated the song to 27-year-old Kelly Tyrer, with whom he has a nine-month-old son, Seb.

Marc was given his first guitar when he was four but only developed his passion for music after leaving Cronton College.

He said: “Until I was 15, I was convinced I was going to take the architect route and become a designer.”

He had a lucky break when Martin O’Shea, who was managing the girlband Atomic Kitten, spotted him and signed him as lead singer in a band called Real People.

He has travelled across Europe as a solo artist and will be on stage in Baltimore and the Cayman Islands next year.

Marc added: “It is just really exciting.

“The idea that I can do what I do whilst travelling is a gift.

“It seems to be one thing leading to another.

“With the internet you need to keep creating, video and record songs, let people hear it.

“This was the last song on the album. I never dreamed it would be taken on like this.”

Chris Brown, director of Marketing Liverpool, said: “Liverpool is a city that stirs people’s emotions and that’s exactly what’s so strong about Marc’s song and video.

“As well as being extremely catchy, we see it as a great insight into what people feel about Liverpool.

“It’s a creative marketing tool when we go out internationally and talk about the city.”

Marc's single can be downloaded from ITunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Visit whatsitlikeinliverpool.com for copies of his CD.