CHILDREN dressed up in colourful costumes to celebrate a Spanish day.

Señorita Noelia Cazoela, Spanish teacher at St Gerard's Catholic Primary School, in Widnes organised various activities.

Girls wearing ruffled skirts and scarves joined boys dressed as Zorro and matadors learnt the steps to flamenco dancing.

They sang Spanish songs and cooked and tasted a range of traditional dishes.

Afterwards, they performed what they had learnt at a special assembly in front of children from St Bridget’s Catholic School in Warrington who spent the day joining in lessons and learning Spanish for the first time.

St Gerard’s pupils from nursery to year six learn Spanish on a weekly basis.

Acting Headteacher Lesley Roach said: “It was fantastic to see the children dressed up.

“We cannot thank Senorita enough for arranging all the activities.

“Both children and staff enjoyed learning how to dance flamenco style.”