TWO dads have raised more than £9,000 to buy equipment to treat babies with jaundice as a thank you for the care their children received at Warrington Hospital.

Chris Graham and Chris Benbow’s daughters Sophia and Ruby were both treated at the hospital’s neonatal unit and have raised the money to buy four phototherapy units.

The pair abseiled 52ft down Warrington Hospital with 100 volunteers, while Chris Benbow took part in Tough Mudder with staff from the unit.

There was also a year-long fundraising campaign at Specsavers in Runcorn where Chris Graham is the store director.

Chris, aged 32, said: “This last year has been amazing. The support from my customers has been great.

“I set out to raise £5,000 to say thank you for looking after my daughter Sophia.

“When she was first born she needed the assistance of the neonatal team and they made my wife, Rosalyn and I very welcome and helped us through a very difficult and scary time in our lives and we will be forever indebted to them for that.”

He said Sophia needed urgent care after she suddenly went blue and lifeless whilst feeding for the first time.

Medics think she contracted an infection during labour.

She was put on a drip of antibiotics and in an incubator on oxygen for 36 hours.

Chris added: “To be able to give something back to the unit that will go on to help other babies has made the fundraising all worthwhile.”

In addition to the phototherapy units, part of the money raised will be used for further equipment purchases.

Wendy Cox, neonatal ward manager added: “We have been overwhelmed by this kind gesture from both fathers. Their fundraising has helped us to buy vital equipment for the unit.”