LABOUR is celebrating a landslide in Halton's council elections.

The party held onto 18 seats with big majorities.

Only surprise was Charlotte Gerrard ousting long-serving Liberal Democrat and former Mayor Margaret Ratcliffe from the Heath ward she has held for 18 years.

Labour's Bob Gilligan was returned unopposed in Broadheath and

Conservative John Bradshaw retained Daresbury.

Halton’s longest serving Cllr Arthur Cole, who lost his seat by three votes in 2007 as he was about to become deputy Mayor, has been re-elected in Halton Castle. He had served for 35 years.

Halton Council leader Cllr Rob Polhill said: "I'm really pleased.

"The people of Halton have backed us.

"Our policies are true and honest. We have always tried to do our best.

"I would like to thank the people of Halton for supporting us."

However, he said he feared further cuts from the newly-elected Conservative government.

Cllr Polhill said: “I am extremely worried.

“The Conservatives have never shown us any fairness.

“Deprived areas such as ours get less money than Cheshire east.

“We already have to find £22 million of cuts this next year. It is so unjust.

“We have had five years of absolute hell and now we face another five years of the same.”

The turnout was 63 per cent.

The current make-up of the council is Labour 52, Lib Dem 2 and Conservative 2.

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