Labour's Derek Twigg has romped home to victory in Halton.

He has increased his majority after winning 28,292 votes.

Conservative candidate Matthew Lloyd came second with 8,007, and UKIP's Glyn Redican in third place with 6,333.

Lib Dem Ryan Bate received 1,047 votes, Green candidate David Melvin 1,017 and Independent Vic Turton 277.

Mr Twigg said: “I’m delighted but most of all I feel humbled and privileged that I have had strong support from the people of Halton.

“They have put their faith and trust in me again.”

He increased his majority by 4,449 on the last election.

It was his second biggest majority since he became an MP in 1997.

Canvassing on the doorstep, he said Widnes and Runcorn residents had raised lots of issues.

Mr Twigg said: “Key issues were their concerns about the NHS, the cost of living, job security, families struggling with benefits being cut, immigration and housing.”

After serving Halton for 18 years, he pledged to continue fighting for improvements.
He added: “There is much more work to be done.

“Challenges lie ahead.

“I make this promise that I will work hard every day and night for the people of Halton here and in parliament.

“So much happens here in Halton to be proud of which is why more people are choosing to live here.

“I want to make sure Halton remains and exciting and pleasant place to live in.”

He thanked his wife and family for their continued support and paid tribute to his agent, Stan Hill and Labour party activists.

The turnout in Halton was 62 per cent, two per cent higher than in 2010.