PRIME Minister David Cameron paid a surprise visit to Runcorn today as the battle for Weaver Vale’s marginal seat intensifies.

It has been named as one of 23 key constituencies the party must win to gain control in Westminster.

Conservative MP Graham Evans ousted Labour in 2010 with just 991 votes.

He welcomed Mr Cameron to the new £12 million Sandymoor School, which he helped to create.

In a rallying speech, he urged voters to prevent risking the ‘economic paralysis’ of an alliance between Labour and the Scottish National Party.
Mr Cameron said: “There is only one way of stopping the calamitous and toxic partnership between Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon.

“We’ve got to fight for our recovery, fight for our economy, fight for our jobs and fight for our country.

“Graham Evans has worked so hard. We’ve got to send him back to parliament for another five years.”

Mr Cameron met the five parents who founded the freeschool in 2012, had a quick tour of the building and chatted to prefects.

Pupil Jadzia McNulty, aged 14, told him how she had her long hair cut, raising £2,000 for the Little Princess Trust, which makes real hair wigs for children with cancer.

Mr Cameron said he knew personally how vital wigs were when patients lost their hair through chemotherapy.

He told her: “My sister had breast cancer and wore a wig.”

He said he was very impressed by Sandymoor School.

Mr Cameron said: “I am in favour of freeschools. They give parents choice. Everyone wants the best for their children.”

Founder parent dad-of-two Richard Eastburn said: “It is a tremendous accolade for us to show our school to the Prime Minister.

“It is an intrinsic part of the community, now open seven days a week to share with residents.”

Head teacher Andy Howard said: “It’s really exciting. We’ve been on a remarkable journey.

“We are renowned for doing things differently and making a difference.”

Mr Evans said: “Helping parents to found Sandymoor School is one of my proudest achievements.”