PATIENCE paid off for excited children at St Berteline’s Primary School in Windmill Hill, Runcorn.

They watched eggs in an incubator for two days.

They were thrilled to welcome six newly born chicks and named them Freckles, Chuck, Fluff, Percy, Barney and Charley.

One pupil said: “When we first got the eggs, I was so excited for them to hatch. You could hear them cheeping inside the egg.”

Another said: “They look warm and cuddly under the lamp. The chicks all cuddle together to keep warm.”

Another added: “They looked adorable, like fluffy clouds.”

Teacher Sheridan Ross said: “We experienced the miracle of new life.

“It has been amazing to see the whole school so excited about our new arrivals.

“There is a constant crowd of parents, children and teachers around the incubator, all checking to see how the chicks are getting on.”