EMILY Wilkinson loves listening to music and laughs if anyone sneezes or burps.

The 13-year-old Chesnut Lodge pupil from Widnes is blind, has epilepsy, cerebral palsy and profound learning difficulties.

She can only walk a few steps and needs constant care but her devoted parents, John and Lisa, longed to give her more freedom.

Lisa, aged 42, from Upton, said: “Our life evolves round Emily but we wanted her to be a bit more independent.

“When she is older or if something happened to us, we want her to be used to other people.”

A care package funded by Halton Council has now given the family support and Emily a fresh start.

She attends a club run by Halton Play Council twice a week and stays overnight at Inglefield children’s home once a fortnight.

Community Life Choices provides a specialist carer to look after her at home for three hours every Wednesday evening.

John, aged 50, who works for Ineos Chlor, said:”This gives us time to be Lisa and John again, going to the cinema or simply grabbing a bite to eat.

“They allow us to bank our respite care and take longer slots of time.

“We recently attended a family party. Events like this can prove difficult as Emily dislikes crowds.

“Her personal assistant is truly fantastic.

“Emily could have a major seizure at any time which requires medication. She is specially trained to respond to situations to help protect our daughter.”

Lisa, who works three nights a week caring for elderly nuns in a convent, said: “This care has made a massive difference.

“It gives us a chance to spend more time with our eldest daughter, May who is 18.

“Emily loves attention and is happy with other people.

“There is a light room at Inglefield which she absolutely loves.

“She mixes with other children and is doing something different.

“She loves her school and they are brilliant with her but we wanted something more for her.

“She is entitled to mix with more people.

“I’m more positive about the future now because we don’t feel we’re on our own.”