A RUNCORN cyclist is lucky to be alive after being thrown off his mountain bike.

It is almost a year since Mike Williams, aged 30, from Boston Avenue, was found lying unconscious in a woodland off Delph Lane in Daresbury.

He suffered a severe brain injury similar to racing car driver Michael Schumacher.

Mike is still in hospital and cannot walk or talk, but he is able to communicate with his family.

His sister, Katie Bacon, aged 32, from Castlefields wants to warn mountain bikers of the dangers.

She said: “I just want them to know how dangerous thrill-seeking bike jumps can be.

“We think Mike hit a stump and was thrown into a tree.”

He was only found by chance at around 8.15pm on Easter Saturday, last year, when three young lads spotted his expensive bike against a tree.

They ran to the canal bank to seek help.

Fisherman Tony Field, aged 31, a roofer, said: “I know first aid through work and cleared his airway.”

Doctors feared Mike would not survive.

He was in a coma for six weeks.

Just as his life support machine was about to be switched off, a brain scan revealed he had suffered a stroke.

Weeks later, Kate remembers the moment he woke up. She said: “It was out of this world, amazing.

“He was able to squeeze my hand.”

Using his fork lift truck driving skills, he can now move around in an electric wheelchair.

His sister and mum, Colette Robinson, aged 58, are now looking for a specialist nursing home to care for him.

Katie who has two daughters, Hayley, aged 13, and Caitlin, aged 3, said: “Despite all his injuries, he has always got a smile for you.

“He puts his arms out and gives you a big hug.

“He is really excited and loves it when I bring the kids.

“We want to thank all the medical staff at Walton and Clatterbridge.

“We couldn’t have got through this without them.

“We also want to thank the people who found him, especially Tony who is an absolute hero for saving my brother’s life.”