PRIME Minister David Cameron talked taxes and tolls during a visit to the O2 centre in Preston Brook.

The Conservative leader was joined by Weaver Vale MP Graham Evans during a Q&A session with staff members who quizzed him on tax breaks for 'middle earners' and zero-hour contracts before he was challenged on easing pressure on primary school teachers and the cost of childcare by a working mum.

During a speech to onlookers, who had also gathered on walkways above to snatch a picture of the visit, the PM pledged to raise income tax if the Tories are successful in the next General Election from £10,000 to £12,500 which he said would mean residents on 30 hour minimum wage contracts would not pay income tax at all.

He added: "I think this change is fair and right for people who are working hard and not seeing their pay rates go up.

"I never forget it's your money you have worked hard for.

"We want to help people in their ordinary lives to get that job, own that home and have a secure future for their families."

Mr Cameron, who said mobile phone selfies had 'changed his weekly shop', was applauded by the group after vowing he would not be paying a £1.7billion EU bill, which hit national headlines last week, but it was not all good news for employees at the Preston Brook centre as he confirmed there were no plans to waive bridge tolls in other areas yet.

It was announced in July, residents in Widnes and Runcorn will have free tolls across The Silver Jubilee bridge and the Mersey Gateway when it is completed.

Mr Cameron, who described Mr Evans as a 'stand-up, straightforward, normal guy' in what could be a crucial seat in next year's election, said: "This is a very big infrastructure investment in the north west and we were delighted to give it the green light.

"We have already made journeys free for a number of residents and I'm always happy to consider further issues but at the end of the day we need to find in the budget a mixture of tax payers' money and toll money and that's the way the investment is going ahead."