A NEW security device is being launched to curb anti-social behaviour in Runcorn Shopping Centre.

Security staff are trialing body cameras after guards and shop assistants have been abused by aggressive louts.

Centre manager Karl Clawley said: “Some clientele think it is perfectly acceptable to shout and scream at shop workers and our staff.

“Staff work tirelessly and shouldn’t have to put up with anti-social behaviour. They should be able to work in a safe and secure environment that leads to a pleasant shopping experience for everyone to enjoy.”

He said cameras will only be switched on, after a verbal warning is given when any anti-social behaviour occurs.

Mr Klawley said: “The quality of the pictures and sound is phenomenal. If an incident occurs, we will video it and produce it as evidence. The cameras are in an anti tamper proof container. We can download the images onto a disc and submit as evidence in a court of law.

“If there is only one incident a month, it is one too many. I don’t want it to happen.

“I want zero tolerance here to combat anti-social behaviour.”

Body cameras follow the launch of Shop Watch in November, which has reduced shoplifting.

Mr Klawley added: “All Shop Watch members are issued with a radio and we have a main set in the control room. Police also carry a radio and link us to the old town. If any undesirables are making their way here, we know about it.

“We are all talking like never before and deterring shop theft before it happens.”