LABOUR held onto its stronghold in Halton with a resounding victory in the local elections.

The party retained all 15 of its contested seats and won the Kingsway ward from the Liberal Democrats.

Three councillors, Clr Sue Edge, Clr Keith Morley, and Clr Mike Wharton were returned unopposed in Appleton, Broadheath and Hale.

The Liberal Democrats clung onto their Heath ward in Runcorn by a narrow 28 votes, with Labour snapping at their heels.

Halton Council leader Clr Rob Polhill said: “It is an absolutely fantastic result. I am delighted.

“It is a tremendous vote of confidence in the council, a vindication of our policies.

“I think people understand we are going through tough times. The government has imposed very severe cuts.

“The only way to manage the budget has been to be prudent and do things differently and that’s how we’ve maintained frontline services.

“This is a good springboard for us at the general election in 12 months’ time.”

Widnes gran June Roberts, aged 64, won Kingsway back from the Liberal Democrats, who did not field a candidate.

She is married to Stephen, 63, and has two children, Gavin and Carley and five grandchildren.

Retired carer June, from Highfield Road, said: “I did the best job in the world, working with people with very profound disabilties in day care. Dignity and trust has to be there 110 per cent of the time. It was very rewarding.

"I always felt grateful that I was able to work so closely with these people. You realise the label 'disabled' goes away and they are real people. They trust you.

“I like to help people in the community. If people can’t stand up for themselves, maybe I could speak up for them.

“There are a lot of challenges ahead. I hope I can help people.”

Lifelong Labour supporter June, who was born in West Bank,  said she was very active in the peace movement. 

She said: "I went to Greenham Common. I was there when the fences were put up and when they were taken down. I used to go to the embassies in London on peace marches."

The make-up of the council is now Labour 50, Liberal Democrat 4 and Conservative 2.

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