SHOPPING at Widnes Market could save you £250 a year, says Halton Council.

A recent survey revealed that fresh fruit and vegetables from stallholders were cheaper than major supermarkets.

The total saving on an average weekly family bill on April 23, 2014 was £4.97 or £258 a year.

Halton Council market manager Ian Goodall said: "If you were shopping for a gas supplier, you would shop around. You need to think along the same lines about your fruit, vegetables and fresh produce.

“Local producers or wholesale suppliers try their best to reduce packaging and bring fresh produce to your table every day.”

Butcher Clive Middlehurst, chairman of Widnes Market Traders Association, said: "The added advantage of buying from a local food trader is that there is someone to talk to. Tell them what you want, they can make suggestions, cut meats or fillet fish for you, tell you the best way to get the most from your purchase.

"Add to this benefit that you only purchase what you need means less wastage sent to the bin."

The World spoke to shoppers in Widnes on Friday to ask them where they buy their fresh fruit and vegetables.

Lots of people said they go to Aldi.

Evelyn Lynch from Tabley Avenue, Widnes, said: “I go to Asda or Morrisons.”

Susan Taylor, aged 55, from Kershaw Street, Widnes said she is a regular shopper at the market.

Lisa Hammond, aged 25, from Murdishaw said she often buys her children’s fruit from stallholders.

Doreen Levick from Runcorn said she shops in Aldi.