TENANTS in Runcorn and Widnes are being encouraged to use Halton Credit Union as a safer way to save and borrow money.

Social landlord Halton Housing Trust has supported the work of the Credit Union for several years and recently invested in their services as a corporate member, which will help the existing 4,500 credit union customers.

As a corporate member, the trust has a place on the board which supports the Credit Union and will help to increase their membership.

The funding will allow the Credit Union to offer more affordable credit to those who need it.

Noel Sharpe, the trust’s executive director for customer services, said: “With the introduction of Universal Credit looming we think the demand for services offered by the Credit Union will increase.

“There are numerous advertisements for payday loans, now couldn’t be a better time to promote the benefits of the Credit Union to our customers.”

The Trust has also supported an initiative to help customers buy white goods and other essential household items with affordable loans from the Credit Union.

Christine Heesom, manager of Halton Credit Union said: “We are trying to encourage more people to start saving with the Credit Union because it’s a good safe option for them.

“A Credit Union is a clear and safe alternative to these advertised loan companies and door step lenders. We have similar and shared priorities to the Trust and we are delighted that they continue to support our work.”

A welfare benefits and money advice officer from the trust is also available on Tuesday afternoons at Queens Avenue Credit Union, Widnes, from 1.30pm to 3.45pm for drop-in sessions and Thursday from 2pm to 3.45pm for appointments only. Call 0151 510 5024 / 510 513 to book.

To contact Halton Credit Union, visit haltoncu.co.uk

The trust owns and manages 6,400 homes in Halton and employs 277 staff.

A credit union is a not-for-profit savings and loans company that is owned and managed by its members.

Credit unions exist purely to benefit their membership by offering access to savings, low cost loans. When members save with a credit union, their money is brought together and, from this, money loans can be made to members. Credit unions have no other means to provide loans, so it’s important that when you borrow, your loan is repaid in full on time.