A NEW vascular clinic has opened in Widnes to save patients having to travel to Warrington Hospital.

The one-stop service is held every Monday at the Health Care Resource Centre in Caldwell Road.

The clinic examines all vascular related problems including varicose veins, blood vessel damage or blockages, and surgery relating to strokes.

Consultant vascular surgeon Tom Nicholas said: “We’re delighted to be providing this service in Widnes for our local patients. “Although we’ve only just started, the feedback has been great. Patients love being able to come and have their scans and diagnosis or follow up in one visit.

“If vascular surgery is required, the vast majority of it will still be performed with us in Halton and Warrington Hospitals. Only the major and urgent surgery work is moving to Chester.”

He said that for every 100 patients he sees, only around three cases may require the complex services at Chester.

Patients can come to the Widnes clinic for their initial and follow-up appointments.

Ultrasound is available to help provide a diagnosis. Patients can have their scan at the centre before seeing Mr Nicholas who can immediately review the results during a consultation.

Vascular services in the region are changing as a new vascular network dealing with major and emergency surgery cases is being moved to Chester in the future.

However, the vast majority of patients needing routine care and procedures will still be able to receive their care in Halton or Warrington Hospitals.