CANCERS which cannot be seen with the naked eye can now be detected with new state of the art equipment.

Halton breast cancer patients can now benefit from innovative technology at Whiston Hospital.

Miss Leena Chagla, consultant surgeon and lead clinician breast services said: “The new imaging equipment allows us to confirm that very small cancers are removed with extreme precision. This prevents the need for more extensive surgery and reduces the amount of time patients spend in theatre.”

The technology means that the smallest screen detected cancers are removed quickly and precisely. A lot of these cancers are not detectable through physical examination.

The equipment was bought with the help of local businesses and generous patients who donated money to St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Trust’s radiology and cancer services.

The trust held a ‘Strictly at Saints’ fundraising event in October 2012 and raised more than £5,000.

Prescot Rotary Club donated £5,000 and Deanwood Golf Club contributed £5,236.

With the help of Biovision, a medical supplies company, the trust was able to purchase the new equipment and provide the very latest state of the art technology for breast cancer patients.

Chief executive Ann Marr said: “This is a vital piece of equipment that will help us to further improve the high standards of care we provide to our patients.

“On behalf of the Trust, I would like to thank everyone who helped to obtain this very important cancer imaging equipment.”