Primary Schools (Key Stage 2) in Widnes

Compare all primary schools within 10 miles of Widnes on this page. Click an individual school for more detailed information about its results and a link to its Ofsted reports. You can also rank schools according to results of your choice by clicking the headings at the top of the table.

The tables below show achievement for pupils aged 11 and progress pupils have made between ages 7 and 11.

Key Stage 2 Achievement 2014

School Pupils Level 4 achievement Level 5 achievement Points score
Abbot's Lea2147%0%16.9
Aigburth High1130%0%14.7
Alderman Bolton Community Primary31182%15%29.5
All Saints Catholic Primary, Golborne, Wigan25388%20%29.3
All Saints Upton C of E Primary17968%11%27.9
Allanson Street Primary45191%28%29.6
Alvanley Primary6943%0%24.9
Antrobus St Mark's C of E Primary8389%44%30.5
Appleton Thorn Primary209100%41%32.1
Arnot St Mary C of E Primary425NANANA
Ashton Hayes Primary123100%31%31.4
Ashurst Primary25275%0%27.4
Astmoor Primary15167%13%26.4
Aston by Sutton Primary9281%31%28.9
Banks Road Primary24876%33%27.9
Barnton Community Primary28488%44%30.6
Barrow Hall Community Primary52886%22%29.2
Beamont Community Primary43566%10%26.9
Beechwood Primary12667%0%26.4
Belle Vale Community Primary20879%14%27.9
Bewsey Lodge Primary26781%33%28.2
Birchley St Mary's Catholic Primary20697%30%31.0
Birchwood C of E Primary20771%17%28.5
Bishop Martin C of E Primary21577%42%29.7
Blackbrook St Mary's Catholic Primary39982%13%28.1
Blacklow Brow Primary23072%28%28.2
Blackmoor Park Junior34281%21%28.8
Bleak Hill Primary43495%36%30.3
Blueberry Park25478%17%29.2
Booker Avenue Junior32582%26%29.6
Bradshaw Community Primary17496%27%30.5
Bridgewater Park PrimaryNEW
Broad Oak Community Primary45478%6%28.1
Broadgreen Primary23965%15%27.1
Brook Acre Community Primary26178%11%27.8
Brookvale Primary28484%23%28.5
Broomfields Junior42692%42%30.8
Bruche Community Primary18587%13%28.5
Burtonwood Community Primary21691%22%29.4
Callands Primary33185%39%30.4
Cambridge Road Community Primary and Nursery23886%14%27.8
Carr Mill Primary25190%24%29.8
Castle View Primary149100%0%28.2
Chapel End Primary34893%28%29.8
Chapelford Village Primary40682%16%28.5
Cherry Tree Primary22094%45%31.0
Chesnut Lodge Special720%0%12.8
Childwall C of E Primary42392%48%31.2
Childwall Valley Primary21171%10%27.4
Christ Church C of E Primary Padgate34193%23%29.5
Christ The King Catholic Primary31074%26%28.5
Cinnamon Brow C of E Primary37182%20%28.7
Comberbach Primary18567%4%28.1
Corinthian Community Primary44381%19%28.7
Croft Primary20787%37%29.6
Cronton C of E Primary26187%32%30.5
Crowton Christ Church C of E Primary7285%38%29.7
Cuddington Primary17188%24%29.6
Dallam Community Primary24586%5%28.1
Daresbury Primary10579%50%29.6
Ditton Primary36075%9%27.3
Dovecot Primary14650%6%25.7
Dovedale Junior34784%26%29.7
Eaves Primary23087%23%29.8
Eccleston Lane Ends Primary24694%34%30.1
Eccleston Mere Primary32183%29%28.5
Ellesmere Port Christ Church C of E Primary18083%31%29.9
Elton Primary17865%22%27.6
Emmaus C of E and Catholic Primary47788%29%29.5
Ernest Cookson580%0%18.2
Evelyn Community Primary27486%29%28.9
Evelyn Street Community Primary20576%12%28.7
Fairfield Primary51982%20%28.8
Farnworth C of E Controlled Primary38388%22%29.8
Fox Wood Special770%0%12.0
Frodsham C of E Primary20378%22%30.1
Frodsham Manor House Primary21079%32%29.3
Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary13775%0%25.9
Garston C of E Primary14578%17%28.5
Garswood Primary22393%43%31.1
Gilmour Junior23789%27%29.3
Golborne Community Primary34970%18%27.8
Gorsewood Primary18986%18%29.3
Grange Valley Primary22484%5%27.3
Grappenhall Hall51SUPPSUPPSUPP
Grappenhall Heys Community Primary23797%60%31.9
Grappenhall St Wilfrid's C of E Primary39590%33%30.6
Great Sankey Primary35874%14%28.1
Green Lane Community Special1350%0%12.2
Greenbank Primary43970%26%28.0
Hale C of E Primary12790%10%27.9
Halebank C of E (VC) Primary80SUPPSUPPSUPP
Halewood C of E Primary246100%55%32.0
Hallwood Park Primary and Nursery15870%10%25.5
Halsnead Community Primary41276%16%27.8
Halton Lodge Primary20593%25%30.4
Haydock English Martyrs' Catholic Primary28190%17%29.0
Helsby Hillside Primary21491%38%30.4
Heygreen Community Primary21574%22%28.0
Hillview Primary19479%17%28.9
Holy Cross Catholic Primary21397%33%30.8
Holy Family Catholic Primary21187%30%30.1
Holy Family Catholic Primary31393%30%30.1
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary21968%5%27.2
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary24584%24%30.1
Hope Primary - A Joint Catholic and C of E Primary30075%13%27.7
Horn's Mill Primary14489%33%29.6
Hunts Cross Primary26483%20%29.6
Huyton-with-Roby C of E Primary45277%17%27.9
King David Primary42684%33%29.8
Kingsley Community Primary and Nursery18581%26%29.8
Kingsley St John's C of E (VA) Primary40100%56%32.2
Knotty Ash Primary25364%11%26.7
Knowsley Central800%0%16.5
Knowsley Lane PrimaryNEW
Knowsley Village20674%22%29.0
Lansbury Bridge2060%0%13.4
Latchford C of E Primary20683%50%30.1
Lawrence Community Primary44445%10%25.2
Legh Vale Primary57682%26%29.3
Lister Junior21589%33%30.2
Little Leigh Primary17496%39%31.2
Locking Stumps Community Primary30370%18%28.7
Longton Lane Community Primary17477%3%27.8
Longview Community28753%12%26.0
Lunts Heath Primary33194%50%31.2
Lyme Community Primary23882%11%28.1
Mab Lane Junior Mixed and Infant18078%6%26.7
Malvern Primary42290%24%29.4
Manley Village66100%43%30.4
Meadowside Community Primary and Nursery24683%22%27.9
Merton Bank Primary20862%31%27.7
Middlefield Community Primary31679%23%28.3
Mill Green83
Monksdown Primary34477%18%28.8
Moore Primary20779%38%30.1
Moorfield Primary27795%24%30.0
Mosscroft Primary16360%0%26.4
Mosspits Lane Primary41081%12%27.9
Much Woolton Catholic Primary41289%18%29.2
Murdishaw West Community Primary17452%4%25.8
Newton-le-Willows Primary48880%16%28.0
Norley C of E VA Primary7888%50%32.4
Norman Pannell18436%7%25.0
Northway Primary and Nursery23196%38%30.8
Nutgrove Methodist Aided Primary21197%33%30.5
Oakdene Primary20986%24%29.3
Oakfield Community Primary31660%17%27.2
Oakwood Avenue Community Primary50882%24%28.8
Our Lady Mother of the Saviour Catholic Primary18990%13%28.2
Our Lady of Good Help Catholic Primary16164%12%27.6
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary19587%26%29.5
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary21365%12%26.7
Our Lady's Bishop Eton Catholic Primary41493%57%32.1
Our Lady's Catholic Primary24683%20%29.3
Our Lady's Catholic Primary22573%12%27.8
Palace Fields Primary Academy23029%0%22.7
Parish C of E Primary20290%28%30.2
Park Road Community Primary20688%31%29.6
Park View Primary27967%15%27.2
Penketh Community Primary20196%36%30.4
Penketh South Community Primary20580%0%28.7
Pewithall Primary210100%30%30.7
Phoenix Primary15248%13%24.2
Plantation Primary60683%27%29.0
Prescot Primary44992%26%30.2
Queen's Park C of E URC Primary35971%15%27.3
R L Hughes Primary51778%18%28.8
Rivacre Valley Primary19273%7%28.4
Rivington Primary26297%30%30.2
Robins Lane Community Primary23389%36%30.3
Roby Park Primary18533%0%25.3
Rudston Primary40987%31%29.8
Runcorn All Saints C of E Primary9369%8%27.3
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary19881%22%29.2
Sandiway Primary20480%40%29.3
Sankey Valley St James C of E Primary19986%7%28.4
Sherdley Primary42882%13%28.5
Simms Cross Primary23573%12%27.3
Spinney Avenue C of E Primary20682%4%27.9
Springfield/Elms Federation At Bluebell Park105SUPPSUPPSUPP
Springwood Heath Primary27045%3%24.4
St Aidan's Catholic Primary21285%15%28.1
St Aidan's C of E Community Primary Billinge19896%59%31.3
St Alban's Catholic Primary22381%10%29.4
St Albert's Catholic Primary18893%29%29.5
St Aloysius Catholic Primary32487%10%27.9
St Ambrose Catholic Primary26761%18%28.2
St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary23174%19%28.3
St Andrew's C of E Primary19950%13%25.4
St Ann's C of E Primary41892%36%30.3
St Anne's (Stanley) Junior Mixed and Infant39486%29%29.3
St Anne's Catholic Primary27579%23%28.6
St Anne's Catholic Primary35388%21%28.7
St Anthony of Padua Catholic Primary20977%23%28.9
St Augustine's Catholic Primary8278%0%26.7
St Augustine's Catholic Primary15077%8%26.5
St Austin's Catholic Primary44287%42%30.1
St Austin's Catholic Primary24169%24%28.1
St Bartholomew's Catholic Primary31186%34%30.3
St Basil's Catholic Primary36474%17%27.8
St Bede's Catholic Junior26497%45%31.3
St Bede's Catholic Primary, Weaverham18283%25%30.1
St Benedict's Catholic Primary25077%20%28.5
St Bernard's Catholic Primary18896%22%29.1
St Berteline's C of E Primary30087%21%29.8
St Bridget's Catholic Primary21175%17%28.8
St Brigid's Catholic Primary17966%14%27.2
St Cecilia's Catholic Junior22286%29%29.1
St Charles' Catholic Primary17777%18%29.2
St Christopher's Catholic Primary36474%15%28.1
St Clare's Catholic Primary23776%20%27.5
St Clement's Catholic Primary20488%40%30.7
St Columba's Catholic Primary22280%20%28.2
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary and Nursery195100%10%29.8
St Edward's Catholic Primary12067%17%27.9
St Elphin's (Fairfield) C of E Primary35974%22%27.8
St Gabriel's C of E Primary22642%8%25.5
St Gerard's RC Primary and Nursery20485%35%29.3
St Gregory's Catholic Primary24188%33%29.3
St Hugh's Catholic Primary19073%8%25.6
St James' C of E Primary177100%30%30.2
St John Fisher Catholic Primary18987%20%29.2
St John Fisher Catholic Primary22686%21%29.6
St John Vianney Catholic Primary20778%26%28.3
St Joseph's Catholic Primary31587%13%29.6
St Joseph's Catholic Primary18588%28%29.3
St Julie's Catholic Primary24291%35%30.5
St Leo's and Southmead Catholic Primary Serving the Community21265%18%27.7
St Lewis Catholic Primary18788%38%29.7
St Luke's Catholic Primary20581%38%29.6
St Luke's Catholic Primary22877%27%28.8
St Luke's C of E Primary209100%37%30.1
St Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior45990%26%29.2
St Margaret's C of E Primary48366%14%27.2
St Mark's Catholic Primary19079%11%28.2
St Martin's Catholic Primary20292%31%30.2
St Mary and St Paul's C of E Primary20479%5%27.3
St Mary's and St Thomas' C of E Primary25280%23%28.3
St Mary's Catholic Junior23784%21%29.3
St Mary's C of E Primary27174%21%28.0
St Mary's C of E Primary, West Derby20687%13%29.8
St Michael-in-the-Hamlet Community Primary46070%28%28.0
St Michaels Catholic Primary23570%22%28.3
St Monica's Catholic Primary17388%38%30.1
St Oswald's Catholic Junior32183%21%29.2
St Oswald's Catholic Primary35090%34%30.6
St Oswald's Catholic Primary20797%27%29.6
St Paschal Baylon Catholic Primary36891%23%30.1
St Paul of the Cross Catholic Primary18364%11%27.9
St Paul's Catholic Junior50684%20%28.8
St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary20790%14%28.9
St Peter's Catholic Primary20996%22%30.7
St Peter's C of E Primary24483%14%28.8
St Philip (Westbrook) C of E Aided Primary41388%36%30.6
St Sebastian's Catholic Primary and Nursery26397%41%31.3
St Stephen's Catholic Primary19588%28%29.2
St Teresa's Catholic Primary, Devon Street19873%30%28.7
St Theresa's Catholic Primary24493%38%30.6
St Thomas C of E Primary23394%33%30.1
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary21491%29%29.7
St Thomas' C of E Primary22486%38%30.6
St Vincent's Catholic Primary276100%35%31.4
Statham Community Primary21383%33%29.7
Stockton Heath Primary33082%23%29.6
Stockton Wood Community Primary32367%10%27.6
Stretton St Matthew's C of E Primary202100%52%32.8
Sudley Junior36196%44%31.1
Sutton Manor Community Primary21574%22%28.2
Sutton Oak C of E Primary34982%13%28.3
Thatto Heath Community Primary60876%26%28.7
The Acorns Primary and Nursery34470%11%27.3
The Brow Community Primary18082%14%29.0
The District C of E Primary37967%23%27.3
The Grange113087%25%29.8
The Holy Spirit Catholic Primary10660%13%27.0
The Oaks Community Primary13761%17%25.7
The Park Primary11358%17%27.8
The Sylvester Primary22181%31%29.2
Thelwall Community Junior14989%27%29.4
University Primary Academy WeaverhamNEW
Victoria Road Primary21281%13%28.8
Wallerscote Community075%25%28.7
Wargrave C of E Primary28983%13%28.0
Warrington St Ann's C of E Primary23179%17%28.1
Warrington St Barnabas C of E Primary23296%27%30.1
Wavertree Church of England22667%27%27.7
Weaverham Forest Primary19578%11%28.8
West Bank Primary16583%0%28.6
Westbrook Old Hall Primary41086%26%29.8
Westfield Primary15781%19%27.6
Westminster Community Primary11546%0%25.5
Weston Point Community Primary14189%22%28.8
Weston Primary12769%8%28.5
Whiston Willis Community Primary29270%16%28.1
Whitby Heath Primary35179%29%29.3
Whitley Village48SUPPSUPPSUPP
William Stockton Community Primary35074%18%27.2
Willow Tree Primary23592%20%29.4
Windmill Hill Primary13087%33%29.1
Winwick C of E Primary18992%42%31.4
Wolverham Primary and Nursery20167%13%26.5
Woodside Primary16550%18%27.7
Woolston C of E Aided Primary21293%30%30.3
Woolston Community Primary24976%21%28.1
Woolton High45
Woolton Primary60690%33%30.1
Yew Tree Community Primary (With Designated Special Provision)22464%14%26.6


  • Pupils: pupils eligibile for Key Stage 2 assessment - this number includes pupils absent or unable to access the tests
  • Level 4: percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. Most 11 year olds are expected to achieve at least Level 4 by the end of KS2
  • Level 5: percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths - this is above the expected level for most pupils

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14

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