THIS week’s walk takes us through Manchester City Centre.

Start outside EAT at the Arndale Centre. This 1.5mile walk takes in many of the city’s major attractions and should take about 45 minutes to complete.


Start at the Arndale centre. With your back to EAT, go diagonally across the concourse to the short escalator next to the Early Learning Centre. Go up this, and continue forward to come out into Market Street. Cross this, and continue along Brown Street. Take the third right into King Street, and at the junction cross over Cross Street into the pedestrianised part of King Street. This is usually quiet, but at certain times of the year there may be markets and pavement cafes.

When you reach Deansgate, turn left, cross diagonally at the lights, and continue in the same direction until you pass John Ryland’s University Library, a large red brick building. Turn right beside it into Spinningfields. This splendid Victorian Gothic building is open to the public and well worth a look, but beware; you have to pass the gift shop and cafe to get in and out. Continue past the library. Turn left in front of the Magistrates’ Court, and almost immediately right down a flight of shallow steps. Go forward to the imposing entrance to the Crown Court. Suddenly you are in an ultra-modern area of concrete and glass – an up-market shopping area still under construction.

Turn right in front of the Crown Court and go forward, with the Court buildings on your left, to reach a busy road (Bridge Street). Turn left, cross at the pedestrian crossing, and continue in the same direction to the Albert Bridge. Notice the People’s History Museum, with its modern dove sculpture, on the left of the road. From the bridge, there are good views along the River Irwell in both directions. Continue past the Riverside building.

Take the first turn right (Browncross Street), after the Riverside building. At the T-junction turn right. This is a dead-end street for cars; there is a car park at the end. Follow a red brick path to the left of the car park gates, and then turn left before a paved area with seating. Apparently not private, and a good place for a rest. Follow the red brick path forwards and re-cross the Irwell by the modern Trinity footbridge. Follow the path between a wall and railings, and turn left at the top. Pass another modern sculpture, cross the road, and continue along St Mary’s Parsonage. Shortly you will reach Parsonage Gardens.

Turn right up a few steps, and go ahead with the gardens on your left and buildings on the right. Go over the crossroads and continue with the House of Fraser building on the right to reach Deansgate.

Cross Deansgate, and continue up the short St Anne’s street to St Anne’s Square. The unusual Church of St Ann on your right was built in 1712.There are often lunch-time concerts here, as well as markets in the Square.

Turn left, and go along the square into Exchange Street and straight ahead to reach Market Street. Turn right, and pass under the Arndale Centre’s Food Court to return to the starting point opposite Brown Street.