TURN left out of car park along the cobbles of Pepper Street.

Pass Grove Rise on the left.

After 200m cross the road to turn right into Longbutt Lane (ignore the road to the right marked The Peppers).

Go up steps on your right taking the path straight ahead towards the houses. Continue up the slope to reach the main road (Higher Lane). There is a small shop on the corner.

Turn left and immediately right into Tower Lane.

Continue straight ahead along a narrow path between the water tower and a bungalow.

On reaching the field turn left and after a further 60 m follow the track right down the field.

400m further on the track bends right and skirts round the houses on the left to reach Crouchley Lane.

On meeting on Crouchley Lane, turn left down into a dip and up again, turning left at the top. At Yew Tree Farm the road bends right and in 350m left again.

Turn right down an unnamed narrow road that leads over Mag Brook. Continue along this road.

Immediately after a left bend there is a stile on the right leading to a footpath across the adjoining field. Keep close to the hedge on the right.

At corner of hedge strike straight across the field making for the gap in the trees ahead. The path leads to a wood plank bridge over a stream and then a stile. You are aiming for a point slightly to the left of the right hand edge of the deciduous copse which lies ahead. Make for the edge of this copse and a few meters in from the edge you will find a stile.

Enter the copse over the stile and follow the path to the left.

The path soon reaches a wide open field, via a stile. Enter the field and walk forward keeping close to the boundary on the right. After 120m the footpath takes a sharp turn to the left straight across the field.

Make for the blue M Way sign.

Continue across the field and on reaching the M56 turn right and following the line of the motorway continue to the A50 and turn right.

After 500m there is a footpath sign on the right over a stile. Take this and, bearing very slightly left, make for a stile in the opposite hedge.

Bear right after passing the stile and make for another stile in the hedge ahead.

Cross it and turn left onto the track and then almost immediately cross another stile.

Keep straight ahead with a ditch on your right down towards the woods of The Bongs and Lymm Dam.

Enter the wood over a stile, turning left and then right to follow the path that can also be very waterlogged.

The path has steps leading to a board walk over some open water (take care).

After crossing the water there are a number of paths to take but they all end up at the same place. The path up the steps ahead is the straightest.

Continue through The Bongs until it emerges onto a crossing track over Crossfield Bridge.

Cross the track and continue along a gravel path through the oak and beech wood.

At the wooden bridge, ignore the path to the right. Pause to admire the view over the Dam towards St Mary’s Church before eventually reaching the main road.

Cross the main road go through the archway opposite and down the steep steps.

Follow the path ahead that soon skirts Lymm Lower Dam on the right. On reaching the road through the village turn right and make for the cross at the centre of the village.

Getting there

There are four bus routes that serve Lymm: 5,6,37,38.

If you arrive by car, park in the Pepper Street car park. Allow three hours for parking


The route follows a circular path clockwise. Some sections can be very wet underfoot.