Turn right up the village street (Chester Old Road). At the end of the village turn left through a kissing gate and follow the slight line of a path diagonally across this huge field to another kissing gate.

Drop straight down the next field, then keep ahead beside the wood to Newton Lane. Go ahead towards Newton Bank Farm, then turn right down a bridleway which goes under the M56.

From here, continue forward up to Little Manor Farm, walk through the farmyard and down the farm road to Summer Lane.

Enjoy extensive views of the Overton Hills as you turn left here and, after passing a row of cottages on the hilltop, turn right down the track to Hallam Hall Farm.

At a bend keep ahead over a stile and continue in the same direction beside the hedgerow all the way down to Morphany Lane. Turn right to reach Lewis Carroll’s birthplace. Continue to Higher Lane and turn left.

Then take the next left turn up Newton Lane. Continue until you turn right down the drive of Penkridge Lake Farm, bear left at the farmhouse, then right between barns to a stile.

From here, keep ahead along the fence to a corner stile, then make for the oak near the far side of the facing field and the stile in the hedge behind it.

Cross the bridge here and continue forward on a tractor track, until you turn right down the facing hedge to a stile in it.

Keep ahead again, beside the hedge, then climb the stile into the farmyard of Queasty Birch Hall. Continue forward through gates and between barns, then cross the farm track to a stile in the palisade.

Walk behind the farmhouse, negotiate two more stiles and turn left along the farm road – cobbled at first. Where the road bends left keep ahead over a stile, then down the field’s side and up a flight of mossy steps.

Cross Summer Lane and the motorway (on Pillmoss Lane), before veering left down Hatton Lane (B5356). Stay on this road, ignoring all footpaths until you have passed Hatton Cottage and Bluecoat Farm, then turn left through a wooden kissing gate, waymarked to Moore, two miles.

Walk ahead to another gate (behind a hedge), then stay almost parallel with the stream, which gushes from an underground pipe here, to reach another kissing gate.

From here, veer left and walk alongside a ditch to a kissing gate at the entrance to Row’s Wood.

Continue through this pretty bluebell wood, crossing the stream and exiting at the far side. Then turn right to follow the field’s edge and the wood, underplanted with bamboo, all the way round to a gate.

Here, go through a facing kissing gate, waymarked to Chester Road. Walk up the field, following the fence then veering left on a narrow path to the corner of Outer Wood.

Turn right beside this and drop down to Chester Road. Cross with care and walk down Hobb Lane, its sturdy sandstone walls topped by banks of daffodils in Spring.

Cross the Bridgewater Canal and turn left along the towpath. Leave the canal at the next bridge, walking over it and bearing right through a gate.

Then cross straight over the field, on a path between crops, to a stile. Veer diagonally right over the next field, then turn right along its far side and drop down to a stream.

Follow the path across a rough area to steps behind a blackthorn. Cross the expressway (A558) with care and drop down steps between hawthorn, gorse and blackthorn, then take the path diagonally left up the field and turn left up Keckwick Lane. Cross the busy A56 and continue forward down Old Chester Road back to the Ring o’Bells.

Start: Ring o’ Bells Distance: Eight miles How to get there: Take the A56 south from Warrington. Take next left turn after the A558 to Runcorn. Turn right immediately into the Ring o’ Bells car park.

NB: Restrictions on space mean this article provides a summary of the route. It is advisable for anyone who plans to follow the walk to take a copy of the relevant Ordnance Survey map.