OH my God I can’t believe it, I’ve never seen a gig like this before.

Kaiser Chiefs’ sell-out show at Delamere Forest last night was a joy to be hold – top tunes, fantastic venue, electric atmosphere and one hell of a frontman in Ricky Wilson.

The lovable blue-eyed bundle of energy and charisma had the audience eating out of the palm of his hands from start to finish.

Wearing a snazzy yellow jacket and encouraging audience participation at every opportunity, his performance would have had Queen legend Freddie Mercury smiling down from heaven.

It certainly had me beaming after what is the best show I’ve ever seen in Cheshire.

I have always been a fan of the five-piece indie rock band from Leeds but I had not seen them perform live before.

The musicianship was first class, as was the quality of Ricky’s voice and banter, and as well as classic tunes like I Predict a Riot, Everyday I Love You Less And Less, Coming Home and Ruby the audience was treated to the delights of new single Parachute, which is a sure-fire hit if ever I’ve heard one.

Ricky belted out each song with vim and vigour and never stood still, even climbing all over the scaffolding at the back of the stage at one point.

The star of TV singing show The Voice seems to have the rare privilege of being loved by all ages and both sexes, and when you see him perform on stage it is easy to see why.

He did drop a few F-bombs, which some will have frowned upon with children being present. But Kaiser Chiefs are a rock band and I have nothing but praise for Ricky after last night, particularly for the way he temporarily halted the show mid-song to plead for audience members to consider people’s safety after a flare was lit and a bottle of water was thrown.

I can’t fault anything else about the show either. The venue was ideal for an open-air gig with ample space, a great view for all and the highest number of portable toilet cabins I have ever seen in one place.

It was also the best gig I have ever been to in terms of parking. With a team of staff ushering cars to an impeccable standard, you were straight in and straight out – and you didn’t have to pay a penny.

The show pyrotechnics were better than I expected and the warm-up acts were good too.

The gig was part of a series of Forest Live shows in woodland settings around the country.

Forest Live is an independent programme organised by the Forestry Commission where income generated from ticket sales is spent on protecting, improving and expanding England’s forests and woodlands.

For those lucky enough to get tickets for the show, it was money well spent in every way then.