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Notice ID: MF0285424

Notice effective from
26th July 2018 to 25th August 2018



Notice is hereby given that the Warrington Borough Council ("the Acquiring Authority") has made The Warrington Borough Council (Warrington Waterfront - Centre Park Link) Compulsory Purchase Order 2018 under Sections 239, 240, 246, 250 and 260 of the Highways Act 1980 (as amended) and Schedule 3 to the Acquisition of Land Act 1981. It is about to submit this order to the Secretary of State for Transport for confirmation, and if confirmed the order will authorise the Acquiring Authority to purchase compulsorily the land and the new rights described below for the purpose of: constructing and improving the highway that will link Chester Road (A5060) and Slutchers Lane, which is to be a highway maintainable at the public expense; the construction of a new road bridge over the River Mersey from Chester Road to Slutchers Lane; the re-routing of town centre traffic; the carrying out of drainage works; the improvement or development of highway frontages; and the mitigation of any adverse effects.

A copy of the order and of the accompanying map may be seen at all reasonable hours at: Contact Warrington, 26-30 Horsemarket Street, Warrington WA1 1XL between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (4pm on a Tuesday)

and are available for inspection on the Acquiring Authority's website at:

Any objection to the order must be made in writing to the Secretary of State for Transport, National Transport Casework Team, Tyneside House, Skinnerbum Road, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 7AR before 10 August 2018 and should state the title of the order, the ground of objection and the objector's address and interests in the land. In submitting an objection, it should be noted that your personal data and correspondence will be passed by the Secretary of State for Transport to the Acquiring Authority to enable your objection to be considered. Where the Order becomes the subject of Public Local Inquiry procedures, all correspondence is copied to the Inspector conducting the Inquiry and will be kept in the Public Inquiry library, where it is publicly available. If you do not wish your personal data to be forwarded, please state your reasons when submitting your objection and the Secretary of State will copy your representations, with your name and address removed, to the Acquiring Authority and if there is to be a Public Local Inquiry they will be seen by the Inspector, who may give them less weight as a result.


Land within the Centre Park area to the south of Warrington Town Centre, and includes strips of commercial land and premises adjacent to Slutchers Lane, together with land and property to the west of Chester Road (A5060), close to the junction with Gainsborough Road, and open land adjacent to the River Mersey. The Centre Park Link is framed generally by Wilson Patten Street to the north; Centre Park Business Park, Spectra Business Park, commercial premises and open space to the east; Chester Road (A5060) to the south-east; the River Mersey to the south; and the railway line serving Warrington Bank Quay station to the west.

New Rights to be Acquired

New rights are being sought over the land and/or properties (including to subsoil of the highway) all within the Centre Park area. The rights being sought include (but not necessarily for each property) the following: ACCESS AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION

To enter the land at all times (with or without vehicles, machinery, equipment, plant and materials) for all purposes necessary in connection with the surveying, demolition, construction, maintenance, inspection, use, renewal, repair, reinstatement, cleaning, decoration, connection, removal and replacement of land, property, structures and buildings adjacent to or abutting the land and the right to manage access to such parts of the land to accord with safe working practices (but without requiring exclusive possession of such land) including entering onto land, property, structures and buildings to make good and carry out protective works, boundary treatment works, to re-grade, re-surface and landscape land, carry out support works from properties adjoining the land and to carry out accommodation and reconfiguration works to land where access is reconfigured in order to modify the retained land so that it can be brought back into beneficial use. OVERSAIL

To oversail and/or sail a crane or cranes (including, but not limited to, jibs and booms and all associated equipment), loaded or unloaded through the airspace over the land. SCAFFOLDING/HOARDING

To erect, secure, use, decorate, clean, maintain, repair, renew, replace and take support for scaffolding and/or hoardings (including signage) on land or land adjoining or abutting the boundaries of the land for the purpose of construction, demolition, maintenance, inspection and repair of land, highways and structures adjacent to or abutting the land, including but not limited to cradle scaffolding for the survey, construction, inspection and ongoing maintenance of the bridge. SERVICE MEDIA

To disconnect, install, lay, strengthen, connect to, divert, alter, use, maintain, repair, replace, renew, inspect and remove the surface media in, over or under the land as necessary and to make good any damage caused in connection with the exercise of these rights. PLANT

To disconnect, remove, install, lay, strengthen, maintain, inspect and replace plant equipment on, in, under or over the land (as necessary) and to make good any damage caused in the exercise of these rights. AMENDMENTS TO ACCESS/EGRESS ARRANGEMENTS

To alter, divert, replace and/or remove access/egress routes (either on a temporary or permanent basis) forming part of or used by the land whilst always providing an alternative means of access/egress from the land whilst carrying out such works and to grant rights for owners and occupiers of land to use said access/egress routes. CONSTRUCTION OF NEW ACCESS

To enter the land at all times (with or without vehicles, machinery, equipment, plant and materials) for all purposes necessary in connection with the construction of a new access/ egress onto or from land or used by the land. FUTURE INSPECTIONS AND MAINTENANCE

To enter the land at all times (with or without vehicles, machinery, equipment, plant and materials) for all purposes necessary in connection with the maintenance and inspection of the new road to be constructed, and the new bridge to be constructed, together with any ancillary support structures, drains, earthworks, scour protection measures, structural connections and components, bridge abutments and bridge deck or other structures or development on the land. CONDITION SURVEYS

To enter the land on foot only and temporarily remain on the land for the purposes of carrying out non-intrusive condition surveys in accordance with safe working practices and to document the condition of the land before, during and after development, if so necessary. DELIVERIES

To access the land at all times (with or without vehicles, machinery, equipment, plant and materials) for the purposes of delivery, removing and sorting materials, plant and machinery, and the right (from time to time) to create, divert and/or otherwise manage pedestrian and vehicular access to, on and across land to facilitate the delivery of the scheme (including the ongoing maintenance and inspection of the scheme) and to accord with safe working practices.


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Warrington Borough Council

Contact Warrington , Horsemarket Street , Warrington , Cheshire , WA1 1XL 01925 443322


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