When will the councillors who have the authority as to where and what is being built realise that once again they have ignored the voices of the Runcorn people by building a Tesco’s at Widnes?

Yet another supermarket which is not really necessary as Widnes has already got the golden end of the stick.

Wilkinsons, Marks & Spencers, Morrisons, ASDA, Iceland etc, compete for the people to look around for bargains as the supermarkets try to outdo each other on price.

This is good for the people of Widnes, but poor for Runcorn people, who if they do not have a car have to travel to Widnes for their weekly shopping by taxi, so any bargains they might get are swallowed by by getting back to their homes.

I recently got eight bottles of Lucozade for £3.98 at Quality Save, Widnes. In the Co-op at Runcorn they charged me £3.85 for four bottles of the same product.

That is just one of many examples of the difference in prices.

Runcorn people are forced to go to one of the dearest shops, that is the Co-op.

Why could we not have had the new Widnes Tescos and Widnes could have a new Co-op? Because Widnes people would have shunned the Co-op, it would be closed down within a week and the councillors know that. The Co-op do not replace everyday items on their shelves until they have run out and only then do they re-stock.

They often run out of full cream milk etc, it is unbelievable. So we cannot win either way.

So councillors please think before you give an already overloaded town even more to play around with, and give us a decent supermarket with a café where the elderly can sit and have a chat after shopping has finished.

Since the old Runcorn Café closed down, a lot of the elderly have nowhere to go and socialise. This café used to get packed. We were promised a new market and café, and they have insulted us by giving us a ghost town, no market, no café, a street market that only opens in fine weather.

Surely the councillors can see for themselves how unfair it all is. Do most of the councillors come from Widnes and all have cars?

They certainly do not think about people who have to pay for transport and those who are elderly etc.

The teenagers have a bowling alley, play area, ice skating, Jelly Beans, etc, and there are choices of taking a job as well.

Runcorn will be finished unless someone will recognise our plight.