I AM a Halton resident and have been all my life.

I am a business owner and operator and write in regards of the new bridge tolls.

I believe that once I have paid the necessary administration charge of £10 that I will be registered to use my car and/or small van.

The issue is exactly what constitutes as a small van?

I drive a Vauxhall Vivaro and am not sure how it is categorised.

Clarification on the issue would be greatly appreciated by all van drivers across the borough.

If it is the case that I am to be tolled I will need to know in order to sell my van and buy a qualifying small van.

The van I drive isn’t the smallest but also isn’t the biggest.

This has left me confused.

Incidentally my car is a large 4x4 and is bigger than the size of most small vans, so I am again at a loss due to the lack of transparency on this issue.

Can anyone help?

Chris Lord