IT really worries me to read about so many care homes being branded inadequate across Halton by the Care Quality Commission.

Only last week Holmdale in Runcorn was found to be putting the health and safety of residents at risk.

The elderly people who live in these places are vulnerable and many rely on staff for their most intimate needs.

It is a very difficult decision for families when their loved ones become frail and can no longer look after themselves.

We trust these homes to provide the best possible care.

It makes me feel sad and angry to think of old people not getting the right medicine or having to wait for someone to take them to the toilet.

It costs so much money to pay for residential care yet carers themselves often only receive the minimum wage.

With so many people living longer, and hospitals facing a cash crisis and bed shortages, we are going to need more care homes.

We must press the next government to invest much more funding into the health and wellbeing of our elderly loved ones.

It is all very well carrying out spot checks and inspections but what happens when no-one is looking?

Sandra Matthews

Halton Village