LAST Saturday I had to miss half of my junior football team’s match to attend a baby reveal baby shower.

The parents of the junior players thought I had made up the worst excuse ever so that I could have an early dart but I hadn’t.

Like them, I had never heard of such a concept before.

But as a friend of mine had been kind enough to invite me to what was largely a family affair I said I would go.

It actually turned out to be much better than I was expecting, with prizes given to the winners of a host of fun games, which included a competition to see who could make the best looking plasticine baby.

But I am concerned by the ever growing number of Americanisms coming over to this side of the pond.

Halloween, prom night, Black Friday.

Where will it end?

There are already people in the UK who hold parties on July 4 to celebrate Independence Day.

I fear we will soon be having Homecoming Queens and celebrating Thanksgiving and Columbus Day.

Or with Donald Trump having been the host of the American version of The Apprentice, how about us appointing Lord Alan Sugar as our first President?

A crazy idea yes, but no more crazy than Trump being elected as American president in the first place.

We are not American and nor should we want to be.

So why are we embracing so much of their culture and traditions?

My friend is having a baby boy by the way.

David Evans