I WAS very worried to read about a possible merger between Halton and Warrington Clinical Commissioning Groups in last week’s World.

I agree with both Halton MP Derek Twigg and the council leader Cllr Rob Polhill that this would be a very detrimental move for us.

Widnes and Runcorn face a lot of their own unique health problems.

But over the years great steps have been taken to try to address some of the underlying issues.

Our GP surgeries have linked up with wellbeing projects to tackle problems like stress and isolation.

You can go on mindfulness sessions, heritage walks, learn to play the ukulele or do creative crafts.

If we were swallowed up by a bigger organisation like Warrington we could lose our ability to tailor-make solutions to meet our needs.

We have much more in common with St Helens as we share Whiston Hospital.

We do need to work closely together in these times of austerity but teaming up with Warrington is not the answer.

Patients are already facing long waits at accident and emergency departments and delays for operations.

We don’t want to lose control over our community health services.

My message to health bosses is give us a say in any changes you want to make – don’t assume you know what is best for us.

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