IT is a disgrace what Fairfield Primary School on Peel House Lane in Widnes has done.

Last year a car park was built with a barrier for 20 teachers’ cars.

Because of this they have decided to shut the main school gate entrance directly facing the school crossing.

They are saying it is a health and safety risk because of the small amount of cars that go through the main entrance, even though they are parked up for the day well before the children arrive for school.

Because of this the children need to enter the school at a side gate on a busy side road with no crossing.

Many cars are parked, leaving children at risk crossing in between parked cars.

In my and many other parents’ opinion this creates more of a health and safety risk for the children.

Many parents have already complained about the situation, but it seems to me the teachers are putting themselves and the convenience of their parking facilities before the safety of the children coming to and from school.

I feel it will not be long before there is a serious accident unless the school goes back to opening the main entrance with the safety of the school crossing for our children.

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