WELL Halton Council has done it again, causing disruption with its decision to do work on the Queensway bridge.

Is the work so vital that it can’t be carried out through the night?

For people like me who start work during the week at 2.30pm it causes huge delays.

I left home especially early to try to get over the bridge in time to get to work in Speke.

I actually arrived at work with minutes to spare.

I am not the only one – what about the emergency services and businesses who have to keep to a tight timetable?

What is really galling is the fact that this bridge is to be closed for at least six months when the new bridge opens, for which nonresidents and businesses will be charged an exorbitant fee to use.

So why doesn’t the council take notice of all the complaining, all the disruption and ridiculous bottlenecks it creates and show some common sense when it comes to roadworks on this structure?

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