MY fellow Widnesians and I are getting to the point of despair because every day the town is filled with charity muggers, or ‘chuggers’ as I call them.

If it is not chuggers it is broadband, electricity, struggling soldiers and appeals for the elderly or homes for people in need.

You cannot walk through town without being accosted by a smiling youth with a clipboard, with the tag line: “We are not asking for any money.”

Then, two minutes into the conversation, they want you to sign up for a monthly direct debit.

Surely Halton Council has some sort of regulation of powers on this?

On one Saturday afternoon there were seven chuggers making it virtually impossible to move around the town.

I understand that people have to work but surely there should be a limit of how many of these charity annoyances are allowed in the town at any one time.

Joseph Beddows