I AM writing in response to Alison Gittens’ letter in the World on February 15 about ‘having ambition’.

She talked about seeing decent restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars in Runcorn old town.

She thinks that it would be nice if people had a bit of ambition and belief in the place.

I speak out as someone who works in the old town and lives just outside it.

A lot of people I know feel that Runcorn old town is neglected and needs investment in certain areas.

The restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars that are here know all too well the struggle of being nestled among kebab houses, hairdressers/barbers and charity shops.

Yes we are here believe it or not.

Bridge Deli on High Street is a new coffee shop/sandwich bar.

Then there is the Melenio Italian restaurant on Devonshire Place, the Sabor Tapas restaurant on Church Street and the Barley Mow, a traditional pub on Church Street.

And there are five more pubs within easy walking distance of Church Street.

Yes it would be nice to see some development around The Deck and maybe the top end of High Street where there are a few derelict buildings/sites.

Currently there is a development taking shape which will overlook the canal opposite The Brindley on the old Crosville site which includes a food pub and I believe a coffee shop.

For now I think people need to see past the large pub chain that has an establishment at the beginning of Church Street.

The people who work in the existing restaurants, cafes and pubs realise a lot needs doing in the area, but we still have ambition.

D Lucas