Hiya Folks!

Sorry for lack of blogs in last couple of months.

Had a lot of work on for my ILM3 qualification and been having a hectic social life in between.

What has been happening in Mark's world - well, we went to stay in a lovely cabin in Melton Mowbray the other week...

It had its own sauna and hot tub and a shower you could operate from the bed! I will put the pics on Facebook when I get round to it!

Our neighbour was former snooker ace Neil Foulds.

Health wise things are looking up - I think I am almost back to where I was before my hospitalisation in December..

I think going for a sauna after swimming is helping - or at least keeping my weight down! lol I saw an ENT specialist who said the scarring round my voice box is still there.. But he said I can be trained to talk around my false chords - which should further help my voice He also saw some pollups (??) which spray and drops may get ride of...

I am going to see a speech therapist to try and retrain my vocal cords - so one day I may be able to shout again!

I am still swimming and gym-ing and am going to enter the Transplant Games in the summer at table tennis again....

Being working on a media strategy and it is doing my head in! Back to it.. No rest for the wicked..

Hope you checked out my new tune on MYSPACE too!

Talking of music BWO have a great Eurovision entry - vote Sweden (or at least go to IKEA!) MUSIC: Franz Ferdinand, Pet Shop Boys, White Lies, Cure, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The View, BWO