In a very tight 1st half Bridge and Tricorn both only had 1 decent chance each, Jamie Cumpper clearing from off his own goal line after Timbers defence let Cauley in and Karl Jenkins bringing a good save from John Barnes in the Tricorn goal to keep it 0-0 at the break. Bridge slowly started to get the better in the 2nd period with Liam sweeney and Josh Smith both seeing shots blocked and Ricky Thompson agonisingly saw his shot debatably cleard off the line in which caused some confusion as it appeared to be on the line. Extra time was played and with each side keeping it tight, it was inevitable it would go to penalties. Ricky Thompson and Lewis Watson both scored theres but Bridge were knocked out with Linnet,Tony Lunt, Jay Cauley and Lee Bignell scoring to take Tricorn through. Jamie Cumpper was Bridge Timbers man of the match, With Paul Gumbs getting it for Tricorn.