WIDNES Vikings Valhalla Foundation is joining up with the Anglican Diocese in Accra, Ghana to spread the rugby league word in Africa.

The foundation members head off to west Africa on October 20 for an eight day trip which will see them offering a series of fun and entertaining rugby league related activities to the new school at Buerko in the District of Prampram east of Accra.

The big project initially sought to bring clean water, free medical examinations and schools to the remoter villages of Ghana in the early 2000s. In conjunction with main organizer, Dr Maria Akrofi of Whiston Hospital and local Widnes businessman Peter Morris a team of volunteers went to Accra and funds were raised.

A wave of interest, including that of Vikings Chairman Steve O'Connor, followed and funds raised meant that as well as providing the essential of water to the village, they could also build a school, which now has 180 pupils attending.

The Valhalla Foundation have been asked to showcase their support for the initiative through the sport of Rugby League, by providing activities to encourage involvement from the pupils. In return the team will be educated about the life and difficulties of equatorial West Africa, so the events promise to be emotional.

Roger Harrison, Valhalla Foundation Manager, who has provided support to many local causes this season, said: “This is an exciting project for the Foundation, being able to support the good work that organisations are already doing to improve people's lives in Ghana. “It is an honour to be invited to use our expertise to enrich the curriculum at a newly built school in Buerko.”