Ovenden arrived with eleven players rendering the result of this game a foregone conclusion but the spectator’s interest was kept alive by the prospect of a record score. That aspect was ended, however, when the referee called time with nearly a quarter of the match still to play, after the visitors withdrew three more players.

The Bears made full use of their numerical advantage running in 15 mostly long range tries. The first half ended with West Bank 64-0 up with four touchdowns from David Jones, a hat-trick from MoM, Ryan Millington, Terry Cowan, Rhys Ashall, Ste Curphey and Adam Simm.

A couple more from Jones and one each from Jack Murphey and Oliver Fay signalled another avalanche of points until the match came to its premature conclusion. Tommy Arrowsmith converted eight of the trys scored with Jones also knocking over five two-pointers.

The eleven men of Ovenden deserve respect for their efforts but they were totally out gunned.