TWO local drivers were involved in the weekend’s motor racing at Oulton Park’s National Car Championship.

Steven Parker from Widnes was racing his Parkside sponsored 2.8 litre BMW Compact in the extremely well supported CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship.

While Parker had qualified well in 16th place for the grid, the race itself was not as successful.

The car just did not have the speed to hold his 16th place and he slowly slid back down the results sheets until lap nine when he was forced to retire after a puncture.

Richard Woods from Runcorn was racing his 2 litre Ford Focus in the Pro Driver Blue Oval Saloons Championship.

Woods encountered problems during qualifying with fuel starvation at high revs, reducing the engine power, but this was easily cured by a new fuel pump and he was hoping for a good race.

An excellent first lap after starting from 18th on the grid saw Woods gain five places but the next two laps saw him dropping down a few places.

He was able to hold on to 16th place until the end of the race.