Premier Division – Avon Athletic 3 Monk Sport 2, New Street 4 Parklands 5, Rainhill Town Y&D 2 Halewood Apollo 5.

Division One – Burtonwood Albion 11 Beeches 2, Farnworth Griffin 2 Earlestown Athletic JFC 3, Upton Athletic FC 2 The Village Club 4, Westgarth United 3 Sankey Vale 2.

Division Two – Matthiola 0 Eagle Junior 0, Newton Le Willows 1 Penlake 2, Oaklands FC 2 Smiths SD FC 4.

Reserve Division 1 – Halebank Reserves 7 Burtonwood Albion Reserves 3, Sankey Vale Reserves 2, Brookvale United JFC Beats 1, St Michael DH Reserves 2 New Street 3rd 3, Woolston Rovers Reserves 3 Avon Athletic Reserves 2.

Reserve Division 2 – Cronton Villa Reserve 5 Orford 3rd1, Earlestown Athletic JFC Reserves 3 Bruche Athletic Reserves 3, St Michaels DH 3rd 1 Halton Borough Reserves 2, Sutton Junction 3rd 8 Woolston Rovers 3rd2.

Guardian Cup – Bold Rangers 4 Rockware 3, Moorfield FC 3 Boilermakers Arms FC 3 (4-3 Pens), Runcorn Albion 4 Earlestown FC 0, Sidac Sports & Social 1 Moore United FC 3, FC Tale 4 Widnes D&Y 2, Winwick Athletic 7 Penketh United 5.

Fixtures for Saturday:

Division One – Beeches v Rockware, Burtonwood Albion v Hatton Albion,  Farnworth Griffin v New Street Y&D, Moorfield v Runcorn v Blackbrook, Westgarth United v Upton Athletic FC, Widnes FC D&Y v Winwick Athletic.

Division Two – Bold Rangers v Earlestown FC, FC Tale v Matthiola, Newton Le Willows v Oaklands FC, Penketh United v Boilermakers Arms FC, Smiths SD FC v Winwick Athletic, v Widnes.

Reserve Division 1 – Avon Athletic Reserves v Blackbrook Reserves, Brookvale United JFC Beats v Halebank Reserves, Burtonwood Albion Reserves v Rainhill Town Y&D Villa, Sankey Vale Reserves v, St Michael DH Reserves, Woolston Rovers Reserves v New Street 3rd.

Reserve Division 2 – Bruche Athletic Reserves v Rainhill Town Y&D Celtic,  Earlestown  Athletic JFC Reserves v Cronton Villa Reserve, Halton Borough Reserves v Woolston Rovers 3rd,, Moorfield Reserves v St Michaels DH 3rd, Orford 3rd v Sutton Junction 3rd, The Village Club Reserves v Hurricanes.

Guardian Cup – Grappenhall Sports v Penlake, Royal Rangers FC v Eagle Juniors.