VIKINGS boss Denis Betts was disappointed with the loss to Wigan, but was nevertheless pleased that the ‘off-on’ game had gone ahead after the clubs switched fixtures.

Wigan had surprised everyone when they announced on Thursday that the following day’s game at the DW Stadium was postponed to protect the pitch that was hosting Wigan Athletic on Saturday.

Widnes weighed up leaving the matter in the hands of the RFL Board with a view to claiming the two points, as a consequence of potential breach of operational rules by Wigan.

However, Vikings did not want to risk being made to replay the game in the midst of a crowded schedule so agreed to reverse the home one scheduled for July 1.

Betts said: “Wigan are the best team in the comp and looking to be the best team in the world so to see them have their game postponed because of a second division football match makes you feel aggrieved.

“But we all have paymasters and all have bosses - even Wigan do.”

There was a strong body of opinion suggesting Wigan should have simply ceded home advantage and Vikings retained their summer home game, but Betts was pleased that the fixture went ahead.

“We needed to play - neither of us wanted another fixture in the middle of a crowded fixture list. Although I am disappointed we didn’t take the two points. We are better for that game,” he said.