WIDNES legend Kurt Sorensen says he ‘can’t wait’ to get over to the UK to reconnect with the Club that’s still close to his heart.

The Kiwi had some of best days of his career at Naughton Park where he led Widnes to a number of trophies including the League Championship, the Premiership, the Charity Shield and the biggest cup in the game, the World Club Championship. And in a few weeks time he’ll walk through the doors once more as the Club celebrates its finest hours. It’s a journey Sorensen is eager to take.

“I can’t wait to get over to Widnes and get in touch with the people of the town again,” Sorenson exclusively told www.widnesvikings.co.uk “I was meant to come over last year for the RLWC2013 but circumstances meant that I couldn’t get across so I’m very fortunate now that Widnes have offered to get me over.

“It will be the first time I’ve been in Widnes since 1997 when I come back in a few weeks time. Obviously Widnes fans will know that I went up to Workington and Whitehaven after leaving here. What went on up there in Cumbria is another story and the main thing is the here and now and that I’ll be coming to the town again and I can’t wait.”

Sorensen will head a strong Widnes cast of players who played in the Club’s most famous ever victory when they toppled the mighty Canberra Raiders 30-18 in 1989 when he comes over from the Gold Coast, Australia, as a special guest of the Club and he says it’s a visit that is long overdue.

“It’s a bit sad that I’ve never had the opportunity to comeback to the Club that I owe a lot to,” Sorensen said.

“I played here for so long and I probably had one of the longest ever careers when you think about the number of games I had in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. When I finished at Widnes it was a case of me moving on to the next chapter.

“The town is a real part of me and my family and that’s never left me despite coming back to Australia where I’m now based after my career was done in the UK. It’s great that I’m coming back and for such a prestigious event. I have such respect and feeling for the people of Widnes. I’d do anything for them and when the idea that I come over and celebrate with them for this evening in October, I said ‘yes’ straight away as the people of this town are great. They were like a family to me when I was over.”

The news that the event had sold out in less than 36 hours ‘overwhelmed’ the no-nonsense Kiwi enforcer and he revealed that he didn’t think he was held in such high regard by the Widnes fan base.

“I couldn’t believe it when you told me that the event had sold out,” Sorensen added.

“It’s a bit overwhelming to think the town and the fans of Widnes have got behind me and the boys who played that night 25 years ago. I was fortunate to be part of a great team at the time. We played with a lot of confidence back in those days and I’m excited to be sharing what went on that evening with supporters of the past and present. It will be a great evening and one which I’m really looking forward to.”