A COCAINE user was so violent, it took four police officers to restrain him, an inquest at Daresbury heard on Monday.

Jacob Michael, aged 25, kicked out at officers after being chased along Lacey Street, yards from his home.

Police officers described how they had to use hand cuffs and leg restraints to contain him.

Pc Ainsley Waldridge said: “He was incoherent, constantly spitting. His eyes were glazed as if he was under the influence of drink or drugs or both.”

Jacob died in a police cell at Runcorn’s custody suite on August 22, last year, 45 minutes after calling 999 from his home, a jury has heard.

Police officers used pepper spray, after he threatened them with a hammer, a jury has been told.

Sgt Simon Tickle, an officer for 15 years, said Jacob’s violent behaviour was typical of someone in a ‘cocaine induced psychosis’.

He told the inquest: “Over the years, I have dealt with exactly the same behaviour as a result of drugs. People become violent and aggressive, no difference to what Jacob was like.”

He helped colleagues handcuff him and lead him into a police van.

He denied claims by his family’s lawyer that Jacob was ill and should have been taken to hospital.

Sgt Tickle said: “If he needed any medical attention, I would have sought it there and then.

“We would not have been able to carry him. He was a big, strong lad. We’re not powerlifters. We kept hold of him to prevent him falling backwards.

“He was able to stand up and step into the van. He was perfectly capable of holding his own weight. He walked forward, slowly turned around and sat down on a wooden bench in the van.

“I did not see anyone striking Jacob or assaulting him. If I’d seen anything like that, I would have acted. I will not tolerate that kind of behaviour.”

The inquest is expected to last five weeks.

Jacob Michael