A PACKED programme of events is being arranged to give older people the chance to taste various activities.

Everything from Tai Chi and IT tuition to table tennis, dancing and calligraphy is being offered free as part of Halton Council's celebration of Older People’s Day.

The fortnight of free sessions runs until October 16.

Clr Marie Wright, board member for health and adults, said: "Research has shown being active has great benefits for all generations but is great for older people.

"Being physically, socially and mentally active has lots of benefits."

Computer classes, healthy walks and various other activities are being run.

By 2020, half the country’s population will be over 50.

Halton Council wants to tackle negative attitudes ando utdated stereotypes, concentrating on what older people can do, rather than cannot do.

For more information about the activities, call 0303 333 4300 or visit www.halton.gov.uk