Halton primary schools have once again exceeded national averages in their latest key stage two results.

Performances show that 83 per cent of 11-year-old pupils in Widnes and Runcorn attained a level four plus in English and maths, compared to 80 per cent nationally.

This marks a six per cent rise on last year’s achievements.

Some 88% of children attained level four plus in English, compared to 85% nationally.

There was a similar picture in maths, where Halton children attained 87%, outperforming national averages of 84%.

Cllr Ged Philbin, Halton Council board member for children and young people, welcomed the results He said: “Once again our pupils have produced results above national averages and the rates of progress are excellent.

“Results like these are a credit to the pupils and schools, and I’d like to thank the teachers, staff and governors at all Halton schools for their support and commitment.”

Girls performed better than boys in English and maths combined at level four and above, with 85% of girls attaining a level four or above compared to 81% of boys.

At the higher level fives, Halton schools attained slightly below national averages in English, but in line with national in mathematics.Following further increase in rates of progress, the number of children making the expected two levels of progress in English was 92%, higher than national progress of 89%.

Halton also outperformed national progress in maths with 90% of Halton children making expected progress compared to 87% nationally.