JACOB Michael did take cocaine, his mum told his inquest in Daresbury today.

Christine Michael, of Lacey Street,  said: “He used to go partying. He was a binger, every two or three weeks, not every day or every week.

“He knew I knew and that I disapproved of it.

We never discussed cocaine.

“I just thought it was a phase of his life he was going through and he might grow out of it.”

She said she was aware he had been taken to hospital on one occasion, but denied knowing that Warrington Hospital had warned him about the risks if he continued taking the drug.

Doctors told him he could have a heart attack if he continued to take cocaine.

Mrs Michael told the jury: “He was a very fit lad, health conscious, with a healthy diet. He went to the gym.

“He was a very good sportsman. He played football, tennis and rugby.”

She said her son was 6ft 1ins tall and strong.

She said: “He had enemies and he had friends. He was a popular lad.”

She said he used to odd jobs for her late husband, who repaired and sold white goods.

Mrs Michael said she gave up her cleaning job to care for her husband after he was diagnosed with cancer.

She said: “Jacob was asking his dad if he could take over his business. He seemed to grow up when he knew his dad was not very well and get more responsible.”

Traces of cocaine were found in Jacob’s body, the inquest heard.

Jacob Michael, aged 25, was arrested for affray, after threatening police with a hammer at his home in Lacey Street, on August 22, last year.

He collapsed at Runcorn custody suite despite attempts by police officers, a nurse and paramedics to revive him.

The hearing continues.