A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl has amazed staff at Halton Lea Library with her eloquent book reviews.

Charlotte Smith, aged seven, of Manor Fell, read The Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen and The Minpins by Roald Dahl as part of Halton Council’s reading families project.

Janette Fleming, reader development officer, said: “The project was part of an initiative encouraging families to read books and share their thoughts digitally through websites and social media.

“Charlotte and her mum, Tracey, were particularly keen and sent us some wonderful reviews.”

Describing The Library Lion, Charlotte said: “I like this book because it has a lion that visits the library. How the lion likes to listen to the stories at the library with the children, and that they like to cuddle the lion, especially when he is sad. The lion has feelings just like us.

“I like the pictures as they look like they have just been drawn. I like the way the lion is drawn big and cuddly, and the way he is shown roaring. I like the colours, especially on the books, and how the lion’s tongue is drawn where he licks the stamps.

“Every library should have a lion.”

On The Minpins, Charlotte, as pupil at Our Lady’s School in Lapwing Grove, Palacefields, said: “I like this book because of the small minpins that live in the trees and fly on birds.

“I don’t like the gruncher that breathes fire and is scary. He tries to eat the little boy and the inpins.

“Even though I don’t liek the gruncher, I like the way the smoke and fire hides him in the trees.”