CHAMPION figure skaters are confident Halton’s new ice rink could create future stars.

Former Belgian champion, Viviane Robinson, aged 40, and her husband, Paul, aged 47, will be head coaches.

Paul, from Cleveleys, said: “This will be a superb ice rink. It is exciting to be involved in a brand new ice rink.

“This will feed off the success of the Olympics and Paralympics.

“I am confident there is a lot of local talent.”

He said ice skating can improve your health.

He said: “I coach young people who suffer from asthma. The air is so pure at an ice rink, they say they can breathe much more easily.

“It is also a great way to keep fit. Anyone can skate, whatever their size and shape.”

They hope to develop a team of professional skaters and tutors.

Paul said: “We will be mentors and help people to develop their careers.”